Through our road solutions, TFS Shipping International LLC offers a safe, economical and viable transportation means for your goods.

Our all-inclusive road freight service runs across a global platform manned by a team of experts uniquely skilled at overseeing overland operations, including customs requirements.

From departures to door-to-door delivery to web-based tracking, we offer a comprehensive, highly dependable platform that functions seamlessly within both international and domestic landscapes. We further work within your specific industry requirements to optimize efficiency and save you money, all within your desired time frame.

Our Road Transportation delivers direct from collection point to delivery point, with no transit stops. We are specialists in carrying goods of all dimensions and weights. All our drivers are trained to CARE for the needs of the customers and the goods in transit.

Our key selling points are:

  • Time Sensitive
  • Person to Person
  • Out of hours operation
  • Local & International freight

Our services are with all the advantages of a personal delivery. Our Transport Management division ensures the efficient transport of our customers’ goods. We offer a fleet of trucks and trailers that cater to the vast and diversified needs of our customers. The fleet of vehicles includes:

  • Time Sensitive, Low Bed loaders
  • High-up truck – Crane mounted trucks
  • Multi Axle and Extra long Trailers
  • Extendable trailers, Extra wide trailers
  • Vans to carry delicate or fragile cargo

SSL will forward your cargoes by motor transport in all directions, having its initial point or final destination in any place of Europe and Russia. We have contracts with famous Russian, CIS, European, and Asian carriers.

All our agents work with package of documents which fully correspond to Russian legislation. We use only leading truck brands, euro awning and all-metal trucks with size of body/semitrailer from 17 upto 120 m3.

Also we use trucks for transportation containers with large-capacity maximum 40′ HC, HQ, refrigerators with temperature control and other special trucks (Jumbo, Mega-Trailer).

SSL will deliver your cargoes by container in accordance with your requirements and shipping instructions. We will take care of your cargo on every minute of door to door delivery. We offer full continental and domestic sea shipping (ocean/rivers) service with “door-to-door” delivery.

We offer full continental and domestic sea shipping (ocean/rivers) service with “door-to-door” delivery. We have built strong and professional partnership contacts with famous shipping companies. SSL has distinct and connected information network all over the World. We will work out on flexible and efficient scheme of transportation with individual tariffs.

We offer :

  • Container traffic, cargoes dock crossing
  • Individual schemes of forwarding, pre-carriage
  • We keep containers in docks’ storage facilities
  • In-dock forwarding, cargoes redirection during transportation
  • we represent client’s interests in docks’ agencies and shipping lines
  • Custom registration at international docks, professional logistic support
  • Cargoes division on lots from one combined container
  • Freight transshipping on trailers with next delivery to the destination point

Dangerous Goods Transport

We offer our special trips service also in the area of dangerous goods. Benefit at the same time from our many years of market expertise in this highly sensitive market segment. Specially trained personnel, our external dangerous goods safety adviser and our Partner ADR vehicle fleet ensure a maximum degree of safety and smooth process flows.

  • Explosives and items containing explosives
  • Gases (flammable / inflammable)
  • Gases (non-flammable / non-inflammable)
  • Gases (toxic/poisonous)
  • Flammable/Inflammable toxic substances
  • Flammable/Inflammable solid substances
  • Self-igniting substances
  • Toxic/poisonous substances
  • Infectious substances
  • Corrosive substances
  • Various hazardous substances and items

Temperature Controlled Shipments

Make use of our high-speed special trips service also for the transport of goods in the temperature range from – 20 to +20 degrees C. Our Partner Companies modern temperature-controlled transport vehicle fleet, highly qualified specialist personnel as well as consistent GPS including consistent consignment monitoring ensure a maximum degree of transparency, safety and reliability.


The service we offer our customers includes a particularly outstanding characteristic: an innovative, GPS-aided mathematics system that ensures the optimum linkage of interfaces between order management, route planning, driving staff and planning.This technology cuts reaction time to a minimum and guarantees you flexibility to man oeuvre, even in tricky logistical situations.

Your Advantages:

  • Quicker transportation
  • Real-time shipment tracking
  • Lower-cost offers thanks to greater planning efficiency